Hey Lacey, I got a new phone so I no longer have your phone number. So messages on here will have to do. My question is, do we still have a problem with one another?


For the past year you’ve posted several hateful & untrue rants about me and my friends on your blog/instagram/facebook as well as continually stalking my friends and family on the internet. And although I never reacted or responded to a single one, you continue to poke me with a stick to try and elicit a response from me. Why? So we can “talk it out”? You’ve proved to me that you’re unable to have any kind of mature discussion about these things because you either 1. lie, 2. deny any wrong doing, 3. try to push the blame on me. I’m glad Lindsey and Lily were able to work things out with you because, like I told them, I don’t want anyone to dislike anyone because they’re friends with me. But yes, me and you definitely have a problem that can never be solved until you apologize.